EKDV359 – Hamasaki And Mao Lend.

Studio #: EKDV359

Title: Hamasaki And Mao Lend.

Studio: Crystal Picture

AV Idol: M/Mao Hamasaki

Categories: Big Breasts, Slender, Big Breasts, Single, Nakadashi


Okay, I came to that Hamasaki Mao Strandhotel, naughty, you must Ojamashima ~, . Slender beauty Hamasaki Mao chan of F-cup comes up to lend in the series, it will have drunk the amateur service s naughty and its bright character. First case is wearing no underwear visit. Were alone Surprise, amateur home and lightly tension up, and two rather Items Mao -chan shame Lau place usually. Now, what happens Mao -chan And so on …. 120 minutes too super- bitch and happy spree to etch it in high spirits in the amateur s home Mao -chan,,.

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