EKDV360 – It Is Not Freezing Lori ◆ Etch Thrush

Studio #: EKDV360

Title: It Is Not Freezing Lori ◆ Etch Thrush

Studio: Crystal Picture

AV Idol: T/Tsugumi Mutou

Categories: Pretty Girls, Lolita, Single, Nakadashi


Chan thrush second edition of the etch without freezing Lori that would do the naughty and dress a swimsuit to Waii girl. Tsugumi -chan school girls of 18 years of submissive personality. The girl of good character convenient for the man who can not refuse if you asked. The soaking in the character, I have asked to do the naughty things remain Swimsuit figure. In addition, she, super- soft body body what …. It I have raised more than you think. 120 minutes to fully enjoy the innocent body of growth during the thrush.

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