JUX149 – Igarashi Noriko Class Of Married Female Teacher Fascination

Studio #: JUX149

Title: Igarashi Noriko Class Of Married Female Teacher Fascination

Studio: Madonna

AV Idol: Noriko Igarashi

Categories: Mature Lady, Teacher, Wife, Patnyhose, Single, Digital


Twenty years ago. The stock more than 30,000 yen bill, real estate values ​​will rise right shoulder, Japan had been boiled in the spring named bubble. It was Noriko, who worked as a female teacher in this era, but would been fired from the school disco is returnable Barre. ’20 From it. Principal that fell into financial difficulties a serious lack of student recall to the school teacher Noriko. Noriko was standing in the pulpit again to the slogan academic improvement and bubble again. Changes he begins to happen in school class that has put a body of such but Noriko ….

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